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L.E.A. Douglas Consulting
Designated as a CMA (Certified Management Accountant)
I have been a Professional Accountant since 1985. 
I have always marvelled at events in life that change one’s path. This happened to me in 1976. Living in Montreal during the Summer Olympic Games, I worked as an International Operator and spoke only French, Italian and Spanish.
It was then I realized that the rest of the world spoke English.  I decided that in order to be successful  I needed to learn English so I enrolled at McGill University. Having started out not speaking a word of English, it was with a great sense of accomplishment that I graduated in 1979 with a Degree in Business. I completed my Accounting designation within the next few years. 
Early in my career, I was involved in the corporate world and worked for Hudson’s Bay, Gillette, Northern Telecom, Annacis Auto Terminal and Island Paper Mills.  After moving to the West in the early 90’s, my second life-changing event happened. The birth of my lovely daughter was the catalyst I needed to make a major decision. 
As much as I enjoyed the corporate world, and despite having worked really hard to reach the level of Director of Finance, I was at a crossroads. Would I continue in the corporate world and get a nanny to raise my daughter or rearrange my priorities and change my career path? 
As you probably have guessed, I chose to rearrange my working life and become an entrepreneur with a home-based business.I have never looked back. The flexibility alone has made it all worthwhile, and professionally, I run a successful private accounting practice from the comfort of my home.         
My passion has always been to help other entrepreneurs understand taxes; hence I specialize in Small Business and Home-based Businesses.I have been able to help thousands of entrepreneurs and look forward to helping many more.  
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